Thursday, September 30, 2010

An Open Letter to Those Who Love the United States of America

My fellow citizens,
In this current era of spineless, moral relativism and ‘multiculturalism’ that seeks to destroy the traditions of this country, it is unusual and almost taboo to be seen as a patriot, gushingly expressing his or her love for these states.  This, however, does not apply to me.  I love these United States of America.  Throughout my whole life, I have studied its history and read of its story, its heroes, its culture, its triumphs, and its failures.  And out of love of country and gratitude for it, I have spent the last 11 years of my life in its service in the US Army.  And even here, in the ranks of America’s finest, it seems almost childish, immature, and un-couth, to admit you joined the Army because you loved this country.
How has this happened to this country?!?!?  How can it be that soldiers who are not afraid to put their life on the line in Afghanistan and Iraq be afraid to express their patriotism and their love for this country and its history?!?!?  I know the vast majority of people in this still-great land, treasure it beyond words.  Why have we become ashamed of it?  Why have we let the political rulers of our day and their echo-chamber in the media convince us of our inferiority and our narrow-mindedness?  I refuse to believe there are many out there who have abandoned the concepts of liberty from a tyrannical government, of financial responsibility, of representative government, and of basic love of country.
This November, God Himself has granted us an opportunity to send representatives from our towns and cities to go to Washington and represent “We the People” of these United States.  As many of you who follow the news know, this November, is not like any other election.  Furthermore, this election is not about the Republican or Democrat parties.  This is a referendum on representative democracy.  This election is about taking back our authority over Washington and restoring the Congress to represent her constituents rather than rule over her constituents.

I just visited Normandy this month and was struck once again by the awesomeness and momentousness of the invasion our grandfathers performed there.  I consider this November 2 to be nearly as consequential as that day of days.  It is an opportunity for people to recall those representatives who they do not feel represent them.  It is an opportunity to ensure our children and grandchildren inherit the blessings God granted our grandfathers, fathers, and us.  It is an opportunity to emulate my hero and cast out the profiteering money-changers out of the temple.
Quite a few times since September 11, 2001, I have been approached by regular, folks out there who humbly thank me for my service.  I always, equally humbly, shrug it off as my duty and my calling.  However, this year, I do want to ask you civilians for something in return.  All I ask you to do is read and reflect on the document that I have sworn before God to uphold and defend with my very life:  The United States Constitution.  I challenge each of you to read that document.  And then, if you think your current representatives running for election honor the precepts of that text, return them to office … and if you think that your representative has run rough-shod over that document, send them packing.
If this exhortation has stirred any of you, let me remind you that nothing will happen by idle griping and by being a lazy, 24-hour-FoxNews-consuming couch potato.  You must act!  Register to vote immediately!  Start studying the issues and the candidates for yourself!  Volunteer for a local campaign!  Volunteer to be a non-partisan poll-watcher to assure the integrity of your state’s electoral system!
So, this simple soldier and fellow lover of the United States of America says this to all you liberals and conservatives, moderates and independents, libertarians and green party, republicans and democrats:  read and reflect upon the US Constitution, and vote your conscience.  And I will thank you, for your service to this country.



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