Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Conservative Grenade

Sheesh.  You toss one MK-10 in a cave of liberals and all they can manage is to shriek, "Bush!!!!!!!!"

The below is the response I received to the grenade I tossed this morning:
"You're right about one thing: we liberals love a power grab. That's why we favor warrantless wiretapping, want to pass laws deciding who can and cannot get married or adopt children, want to tell you what you should be allowed to do with yo...ur own body, want to insert our unscientific religious views into public education, want to ban any substance we find distasteful, want to decide who should be allowed to serve openly in our military, and want to give huge and wealthy corporations the same rights as citizens to anonymously control and sway free elections. Wait. No, no, that's someone else.

Let's sit back and think about the good all days when George W. Bush and the Republicans lead us to smaller government, reduced the deficit, and balanced the budget, all the while leading us to the most prosperous economy in history. Wait. No, no . . ."
Well, let's analyze this shall we?

1.  I favor warrant-less wiretapping when it is applied to non-citizens for the purpose of intelligence collection, and I think that Congress needs to exercise strict oversight of said program.

2.  States determine marriage laws.  God, thousands of years of human tradition, and our reproductive systems determine marriage.

3.  I don't care what you do to your body.  How utterly vain of you.  I do care what you do to your infant's body that depends upon you for its existence.

4.  My religious views are independent (or I should say, codependent) of science.  I am not for forcing my view of creationism down the throat of someone with no competing alternative.  Can't you respect my view too?  Oh, and it's not up to the feds (funny, a recurring theme here)

5.  I find lots of substances tasteful.  Too many in fact.  That's why I don't do them any more.  That's a debate we can and should have openly.  Once again, no one is forcing you to adopt my opinion on drugs.  That's for our states' governments to decide, not the FDA.

6.  Well, if you'd like to keep the military professional, don't mess with success.  If not, suffer the consequences.  And, hey, it's my military too.  I should have a say in it.

7.  You own these huge and wealthy corporations the same as I do.  Look up the word corporation!  Free speech does not stop at a dollar amount.  And I'm assuming you're speaking of the philanthropic contributions of SEIU, ACORN, George Soros, International ANSWER, Goldman Sacs, Google, Microsoft, etc.  Oh... wait...

8.  You're last point is where you almost strike truth, but miss in your final analysis.  I disagree wholeheartedly that Bush was/is a conservative.  Just as I disagree that McCain, Graham, Murkowski, Lott, etc are.  Funny how close he was though.  Republicans in the 90s did balance the budget and did cut government.  And then the Bush tax cuts led to lower unemployment than the entirety of Clinton years, along with higher tax revenues.  But of course results don't matter to liberals... feelings of fairness do.

But, then again, this is all probably pearls before swine.  Oops, am I still allowed to allude to the Bible?

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