Tuesday, November 30, 2010

19% Highest Effective Marginal Tax Rate in Terms of Government Revenue - Or Liberals are Just Greedy Children

OK, it's time for another truth grenade.  Instead of lobbing this one into the moonbat-cave, I'll pass this one out pin and clip intact for you all to use at your discretion.

National Review has a great article today clearly explaining how roughly a top marginal income tax rate of 19% is the highest rate the government can tax without having a detriment to overall revenue.  Simply put, if the government taxes higher than 19%, the total sum pouring into the Treasury coffers goes down.  Well, duh!

Since this isn’t an earth-shattering revelation to those of us in ‘reality-ville’ it’s time again to use pretty pictures accurately reflecting these inconvenient facts to club brain-dead liberals.  Here is a chart showing the top marginal tax rate in percentage overlaid on the gross tax revenue (expressed as a percentage of GDP), and for long-term trend analysis, the average tax revenue overlaid upon that.

So, once again, why the demand for higher taxes on the ‘rich’?  Remember, watch liberals long enough and their mask will slip.  Even the blessed messiah B.H. Obama (peace be upon him) drops it at times.  Consider the statement he made when he (all hail his benevolent grace) issued a fatwa determining when his subjects made enough money.  Or when he replied to ‘Joe the Plumber’ about “spreading the wealth around.”

Remember conservatives, to understand liberals, you have to understand little kids.  Little children do not think about big picture, or actual results.  Without proper discipline and training, their entire lives revolve around themselves and the here and now.  If your little crumb-cruncher sees his older brother in possession of anything, she determines that since she herself does not have it, it is therefore, not fair.  The older brother must be dispossessed of that object in order for fairness to reign.  See the parallels?  Liberals prey off this base, depraved part of human nature.  Liberalism cannot exist without jealousy and envy.  God officially published one of His laws concerning this element of human depravity (10th commandment prohibiting covetousness).  Liberal politicians exploit this part of the base, human nature, in pursuit of another part of base, human nature:  lust for power and greed.  The perfect storm.

Many conservatives claim that they just cannot comprehend why liberals do the things they do.  True, in a logical world, that is a valid point.  But, like I said, if you take liberal stupidity and view it through the lens of a small child (with bad parents), it all makes sense.

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