Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Reason Why Warning Signs Exist


So, I'm thinking this sign serves the same purpose as the "DON'T CHANGE THE TV CHANNEL" next to it at the gym.

Yeah, turns out this sign actually meant something.  For those of you with intestinal fortitude or morbidly curious, check out the photos of what happens when one's fingers enter a powerful gym fan's metal propeller-like blades.

Damage done:  Both middle and ring finger distal phalanges fractured, middle finger's right extender tendon severed, ring finger nail taken out, probable loss of full range of motion in middle finger.

Go below the jump to see photos

First words out of the doc when he saw the damage, "How am I supposed to suture that?!"


After two days and cleaning.  Note missing fingernail and dead, white tissue.

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