Saturday, December 21, 2013

Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Build Part 10

Messing up and recovering.

So, last I posted, I had drilled the holes for the bridge post bushings and had grain-filled the mahogany.

Two weeks ago, I started the staining process for the top.  The green from Stewmac was great thinned in water and all by itself without any additions.

So, after letting it sit for a week, I pulled off the masking tape off the sides..... and inadvertently, pulled off a lot of the grain filler from the end-grain parts of the sides.  Will not make that mistake again.  Then, I scraped the binding with a razor (another, extremely delicate process that will take many more times to master).  Then, after I received the awesome Seymore Duncan hotrod set of PUPs, put it 'together' for a mock-up photo.

That's when I noticed my horrible mistake.

The holes for the bridge posts were drilled 1.5mm too narrow.  Devastated and instantly thinking I had ruined the whole thing, I left it for a week to ponder my options.  I settled on getting a hole-saw for my drill press with the pilot drill bit removed.  I purchased one that would leave a hole slightly larger than the original post-hole.  After measuring both holes from center, the one millimeter or so of difference that would be corrected if I redid both holes was negligible and not worth the effort, so I decided to redo the bass side of the bridge.

With the plug in hand, I filed off the sides until the plug fit snugly into the hole and then glued it in place.

Carefully, I stained the plug, and, after waiting a day, drilled another hole.

Not too bad.  I sized it up against the bridge and it looked good.  Crossing my fingers, I screwed in the posts and put the bridge in.

Perfect fit.  Success!!!  With confidence now high, I'm looking forward to warmer weather and a chance to start finishing.  Next, I'll post on the disastrous attempts to file string slots on the nut.  Looks like I'll be ordering one pre-filed.


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