Sunday, August 17, 2014

BvB Signs Hall on Free Transfer, Loaned to LFC

With two weeks left in the fan-transfer window, BvB made waves by signing up-and-comer Josh Hall as a fan on a free transfer.  Hall had previously had youth experience with Newcastle United but had fallen out of favor of late.

Hall with his new kits
"It's a dream come true!" Hall exclaimed.  "It was hard growing up a football fan in the US in the 1990s, and after joining the Army fifteen years ago, the constant movement and no consistent exposure to quality play on TV left me teamless for so long.  My dad signed with the obvious MUFC years ago.  I enjoyed watching them play but never felt any kind of ownership.  My other family members are big Gooners.  I finally feel like I have a football home now with BvB.  I did my homework this time too.  I love watching Mats, Marco, Aubameyang, and the lads at the Westfallenstadion and I am grateful they give me the opportunity to support the Reds on the side.  YNWA and Heja BvB!"

Best of luck!

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