Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nevada - I Smell a Rat... and Union Thugs

So, with 99% of the precincts reporting, Nevadans have given “Deal-with-the-Devil” Harry Reid another six-year lease on his political life.  According to CNN, Reid has an insurmountable lead of 361,655 to 320,996, or a 5% lead.
How can this be?  Every single poll taken in October (outside of a Suffolk University poll, and a small-sampled PPP poll) had Angle up by one to four points.  This translates to a differential of about seven points.  Pretty much the rest of the country’s Senate races broke in accordance with the polls.  How can this be explained?
I smell a rat.  Well, more precisely I smell union thugs.  Really?  You are telling me that this seven point swing in voter sentiment is simply due to Angle’s “extremism” rather than voting machine manipulation?  You can keep a straight face and say that this is a sign of Nevadan’s wanting the parties to just get along and work together rather than these same voting machines being serviced by SEIU-organized workers?  You mean to tell me that Angle’s “special interests” were the reason for Reid’s resuscitation, and not Richard Trumka and his AFL-CIO machine bosses descending upon Nevada in the week before had nothing to do with this outcome?  Tell me that the gaming industry didn't have something to do about it!
I told you I smelled a rat.  Tell me this is not happening.  Sit there with a straight face and tell me union thugs that get bussed into places to protest bank executives and terrorize families had nothing to do with labor’s block vote.  Tell me that people affiliated with professional protestors who bite off counter-protestor’s fingers have nothing to do with intimidating people to vote their way.  Tell me that SEIU thugs who beat a black conservative for running off the plantation of slavery to the Democrat agenda have nothing to do with keeping their ‘property’ in line.
Well, like I said yesterday morning.  None of it surprises me.  Truth be told, I’m shocked Kirk won in Illinois.  That race probably wasn’t even close.  Throw out the prison-vote and the Daly-machine fraud, and Kirk probably won by around eight points.  The fact that the Democrats probably won by fraud in Nevada is not surprising, the fact that they may win by fraud in only Nevada is testimony to the turning of the tide.

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