Thursday, November 4, 2010

When Bad Things Happen to 'Good' People

30 October Fire
On 30 October, a fire destroyed the household goods shipments of over 90 newly arrived families here in Germany.  Over 100 shipments of US soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, civilian, and contractors were totally consumed by the blazeThe non-Christian's response to tragedies such as this is usually summed up in "how can this happen to these good people?"  When events like this happen to Christians, athiests and agnostics in moments of sheer insensitivity and stupidity may even point, laugh, and ask, "where is your God now?"
So, during this mornings Bible study, it came to light that a recent arrival to both the study and our church had lost everything in the fire.  My heart broke as I heard his recount the ridiculous bureaucratic claims process and some of the irreplaceable items his family had forever lost.  I also heard a powerful testimony to the grace, comfort, and perspective the Holy Spirit alone can give His children.  He expressed a deep concern for the welfare of non-believers’ families who lost everything.  He couldn’t comprehend going through a trial like this when this present world is all that there is to live for.
He further broke my heart when he passionately beseeched God’s help for my family in dealing with my children’s health issues and our recent car accident and subsequent transportation limitations.  How humbling it is to have people like this to turn to in difficult times.  How wonderful it is to see the testimony of people who suffer horrible loss and turn it into praise to Him who gave it to them in the first place.
It is occasions such as these that the love of Christ can make the biggest difference in the world.  The walking testimony that my brother showed can do wonders for spreading the message of Hope and Joy.  This is what happens when bad things happen not to good people, but people made good by the grace and power of Jesus.
- A. thank you for your prayers on my family’s behalf, thank you for being my inspiration today, and thank you for your powerful testimony.

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