Friday, November 19, 2010

You Had to Do it - Lack of Health [Welfare] = Abortion

Wow.  Someone had to do it again.  They just couldn’t leave me be all nice and peaceful on a Friday evening.  Time to toss in another MK-10 into the liberal moon-bat cave.  So a friend of mine posts a picture on Facebook of an unborn baby with the caption “Pretend I’m a tree and save Me.”  As usual, when confronted with humor used to make a point, a snarky, liberal snaps back with “I can, however, post picture of sick and dying people who are being denied health care and say, ‘Pretend I'm an unborn child and save me.’”

Seriously???  That’s the best you can do?  OK, where do I start?

1.  Isn’t moral relativism great?  In Obama-land, universal health care (read:  welfare program) equals the right to born.

2.  When are these morons going to put down their straw man.  Show me a sick and dying person who is being denied health care.  I dare you.  It doesn’t happen!  Why do you think there is such a mess in the American South West?  Is it because all of these illegals are being turned away at the Emergency room because they don’t have health care?  No, it is against the law to deny a person treatment there.  The problem with health care is that certain people have trouble affording paying for medical care.  But that’s a different subject… and no… the solutions do not involve the government or my money.

3.  It’s so easy to tweak these people isn’t it?  If it weren’t for the fact that equating the lack of a socialist redistribution scheme with the whole-scale genocide of black America makes my blood boil with righteous rage, it’s quite entertaining actually.

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  1. Josh, I'm going to write your name in for Presidency.