Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obama Recess Appointee Violating Federal Law with Impunity

File this under further criminal abuses of the Obama administration.
Last week, the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) gave permission to the Transportation Security Administration to vote whether or not they would be represented by organized labor unions.  Bear in mind that this decision is in direct violation of the Congressional legislation authorizing the creation of this disgrace of a Federal Agency.
Craig Becker
(what's it with these Liberals and their Skeletor-like physiques?  See also Dick Blumenthal, Tim Geithner, etc.)
In all this recent fervor over the use of risky (especially for very-frequent travelers) and invasive scanners, and the border-line sexual molestation of physical searched, what is lost is the fact that this decision is precisely why House Republicans wavered on President Bush’s call for the federalization of the airline security system.  Further lost is the fact that the head of the FLRA is Craig Becker, “a former top lawyer with Service Employees International Union and the AFL-CIO, whose nomination was rejected by the Senate [in February], 52-43” (by a Democrat-majority Senate by the way).
So, let’s review shall we?  The SEIU (largely FEDERAL (read Obama’s) employees) and other organized labor unions contributed $74.5 million to candidates in the 2008 campaign including $60.7 to Obama’s.  Obama then rewards his labor friends (oh, sorry, employees) with the nearly $1 billion slush fund disingenuously labeled an economic ‘stimulus’.  This slush fund largely rewards federal labor employees, protecting them from the ravages of the Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Andrew Cuomo-induced recession.  Then, in keeping with his regime’s practice of governing against the will of the people (including his own Democrat Senate!), he recess appoints a long-time labor buddy with histories in the SEIU and the AFL-CIO, who then violates federal law by giving permission to organize federal labor unions.  And people wonder how these hucksters manage to stay in power!?!?!
This administration is a criminal enterprise.  It is organized fraud perpetrated on the workers and producers of American society.  This regime is now blatantly, and with abandon violating Federal Law to empower its political base.  The comparisons between this regime and other banana republic and/or African oligarchies are striking.  And whose job is it to enforce the law?  Good luck getting Obama crony and reverse racist Eric Holder to do his job!  Congressman Issa, it falls to you and the future Congress to investigate this most recent and all the other abuses of power and outright violation of law this regime is guilty of.

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