Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lame Duck Session a Middle Finger to America – Scorched Earth Tactics and a Turd for a Christmas Gift

So, now some more thoughts on the lame duck session that will never end:

Harry Reid and the Liberals do NOT care one ounce for the Hispanic illegals they pander to so much.  Do you really think with the amount of dirty tricks, gamesmanship, and other despicable tactics, political maneuvering, and outright lies they typically use to pass of their garbage legislation, that they would lay down so easily over the DREAM act?  Seriously?!?!?!  If this bill meant that much to the liberals, they would have made far much more effort into its passage and we would have heard the racist word being flung around with so much spittle and venom from the left after its defeat.  You’ve got to be kidding.  This was the biggest dud I’d seen since the Senate ‘considered’ the Cap and Tax scheme.  So, thanks again Nevada Hispanics for sending us back Harry Reid.  Welcome to the club of loser Americans who get lied to in order to preserve liberal politicians’ jobs.

This session has been one giant middle finger extended to the American people who dared to oppose Obama, Pelosi, and Reid’s liberal agenda.  It has been nothing but a scorched earth tactic designed to cause so much chaos and damage to this country that it will take years to repair.  It is spiteful, it is arrogant, it is infuriating, and it does not surprise me in the least.  To go back to my favorite metaphor, the liberals are the little kid who, after feasting on candy-bar after candy-bar, is told “No” by their permissive parent and then flails around the room in a temper tantrum, kicking and screaming, until they have to be physically removed by the mortified parent, but not before the little chocolate stained, bloated brat demolished two picture frames, a mirror, five ‘Holiday’ tree ornaments, and the ‘multi-ethnic-multi-religious-ecumenical-but-not-quite-nativity-scene’.

The latest outrage is the cloture vote (all but guaranteeing passage) of the START treaty, which should be renamed the STUART treaty, not in honor of a famous House of Scots, but in honor of that Englishman Lord Chamberlain, “I hold here in my hand, a document signed by Gospodin Medvedev…”.  The Strategic Unilateral Arms Reduction Treaty was aided by 11 Republicans fulfilling another one of Obama’s wet dreams of being able to unilaterally surrender to the Commies.  I guess he wasn’t “born too late.” (Too bad we’ll never know the answer to that other implied questions, but I digress.)  “Hey RINOS!  We’re the Democrats and have been on the wrong side of history in matters of foreign policy since Kennedy!  Won’t you support our ‘treaty!?!?’”  “Why certainly,” I am Lamar Alexander, “and I value being bi-partisan (read selling out) over principals!”  And all of the Washington elites respond with accolades of love and support… until he is challenged by Harold Ford Jr. for his Senate seat.

How much longer can this nation hold out?  What makes matters worse is that the same old traitorous creatures, the RINOs in the Senate are complicit in this drunken orgy of unabashed liberalism.  So, once again, thanks Alaska for sending us back the queen of American nepotism, Lisa Murkowski.  Thanks Snowe and Collins (the Siamese twins of the Senate; for the life of me, I cannot tell them apart politically, or physically… shudder), thanks Bennet, you sore loser.

In short, thanks US Senate for these absolute turds of Christmas presents.  It is truly befitting a gift from such a putrid, foul, despicable institution that you have become.  But, then, you guys really don’t buy into the whole ‘Christmas’ thing to begin with.  What was I thinking?

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