Sunday, December 19, 2010

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal Vote - Liberals Again Playing Politics with National Security

Which political party plays politics with national security again?

So, the US military, the last bastion of officially sanctioned traditional morals in our corrupt society received perhaps a mortal blow yesterday.  After weathering three earlier, diversionary attacks from the Democrat Senate this year, the party of lewdness, lasciviousness, infanticide, euthanasia, and perverseness, has once again played politics with our national security.  Does anyone have any doubts now about what the liberals think about the US Constitution?

It finds rights in that document to mandate private citizens to purchase health-welfare, to murder unborn children, and to confiscate income from the productive members of our society; but openly despises and persecutes one of the few things the Constitution actually mandates our Federal government do:  provide for the defense.

This vote took place on the Saturday night before Christmas, (the favored time for Liberals to sneak through abominable legislation), before the new Congress takes over.  This vote was given top cover by politicians in the Department of Defense and the Joint Staff.  Mullen and Gates are to blame for this debacle probably more than our lib political rulers; they SHOULD know better.  This panel, as I’ve already discussed here was simply a “this is what is going to happen; here is how you are going to do it.  What are your questions?”  This panel in no way, shape, or form, accurately represents the true opinions of our military.  This doesn’t even begin to describe the moral aspect of this repeal, simply the traditional idiotic liberal touchy, feely subjects they seem to care so much about.  Except when we are talking about the military of course… then they don’t care.

The gays who are in the military right now (even according to their abominable survey) do not want to have their sexuality exposed.  They have the right and correct belief that it would simply an extra issue that would disrupt good morals and discipline.  The ones who wish for this repeal to take place make their sexual identity the most important aspect of their entire life.  They put their sexual identity in higher place than the oaths they would swear to uphold.  That is the bottom line.  Therein lies the potential for vast disruption.

I already envision what will take place.  We already have a sizable minority of black soldiers who have been taught (by the Democrats of course) that they are a protected minority and a perpetual victim.  Thankfully, it is a small minority in the military, but it does occur.  They milk that perception, shirking their duties, being lazy, and when confronted with it, throw the race card!  “You are discriminating against me because I’m black!”  “No!  PFC Lazy, I’m discriminating against you because you are a do-nothing, lazy pain in my butt!”  This WILL take place.  I guarantee it.  And by this time, we will have a new ‘Equal Opportunity’ (an Orwellian titled program that fights ‘discrimination’ in the ranks) mandate to coddle and take care of our best-dressed soldier-boys from anything that would dare offend their sensibilities.

So, the next time someone tries to tell you the GOP is playing games with our national security, just think of this abomination.

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