Thursday, January 27, 2011

Are the 'Birthers' Crazy?

After sitting on the sideline for about two years following this issue from a distance, I’m finally going to wade into it and venture my opinion.
Birthers.  They have been ridiculed by both the GOP and the left for over two years now.  They are the ones that claim everything from Obama is Kenyan/UK citizen by birth, Indonesian by citizenship, or some other strange confluence in between.  They have been mocked by Obama’s press secretary, and casually dismissed by conservative stalwarts in the House and the Senate.
If the left (and some lunatic fringes on the right) have their “9-11 Truthers”, then we conservatives must have their equivalent in the Birther movement.  Right?  I’m not so convinced.  I personally harbor no doubts about Obama’s birth in the US, nor his due election to the Presidency… but I do question why this issue simply will not die.  Here’s my take:
Like most horrible controversial lies, they all start rather stupidly and benignly.  Just like his entire persona was built upon a fantasy, supported by papier-mâché platitudes and meaningless slogans, his accounts of his youth are likely a combination of embellishment of the positive and burial of the negative.  Seriously, how does one fill two full autobiographies of a two-second career before your 40th birthday?  (Especially, if the allegations that Bill Ayers ghost-wrote both volumes pan out)
Little lies built upon bigger lies exploded into the outlandishly false idol of Obama in the 2008 campaign.  After his election, I joined many in opining that the entire nation is going to be so completely deflated once their Messiah is found only to be a man… and a petty, foolish, petulant, Marxist man, with no skills at that.

Obama’s birth certificate is simply another piece of the entire puzzle that is the man that his campaign, his lawyers, his administration, and his state-run media have kept concealed for so long.  Where are Obama’s papers from both undergraduate and graduate school?  Where are his LSATs?  Where are his Harvard applications?  Where are his medical records?  Where is his birth certificate?
Obama is the first president to my knowledge that has kept such secrecy and a tight lid on everything that is HIM.  There has to be an underlying reason for this.  I seriously doubt he was born in Kenya, then smuggled into Hawaii back in ’61.  But, as a possessor of a delayed registration of birth myself, I can fully see the issues that not having a proper long-form hospital-produced birth certificate with information that violates a segment of the entire Disney storyline of his birth, and childhood, struggles and achievements would present to Obama’s creators who pitched their story of the modern Messiah to the media and sold it to the brainless robots tired of Bush and guilty white moderates wanting to vote for a black guy.
Is this simply the reason why?  He doesn’t want to be caught in a small lie?  This actually, makes more sense than anything else.  This man’s narcissism refuses to own up to whatever it is that he (or his handlers) lied about.  All it would take is a simple admission and explanation of what actually happened in 1961.  Clinton lied in front of the whole world about his infidelity, then was promptly forgiven by the majority of Americans when he was forced to fess up.  Why wouldn’t the same be true for Obama?  Because HIS truth is THE truth.  God's truth be damned.  His narcissism will not allow it.
Now, that media folks like Rush Limbaugh and Matt Drudge (even the UK Telegraph) are floating stories on this controversy, and states like Arizona are passing legislation that requires the presentation of the birth certificate in question in order to be put on their ballots, Obama’s jig will likely be up early next year.  It’s going to be interesting to find out.  The anticipation is killing me.

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