Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Freezing Spending (that has increased deficits by 400% in two years) is Fiscal Responsibilty?!?!?

Imagine that you are, like most Americans, on a standardized monthly budget and monthly salary.  You then go out and purchase (on credit) a brand new car, with the monthly payments effectively doubling your monthly expenditures in your budget.
After your wife confronts you on your extravagance, you then promise her you will cut your spending amounts by spending the exact same amount (with the car factored in) every month for the next five years.  Does this sound like something a sane person would suggest as a fix to fiscal insolvency?
To our Obama cheerleaders in the press (even in that Right-Wing extremist network Fox News), this same plan is titled in an Orwellian manner:  reducing spending.  That’s right.  Keeping spending at same levels in an economy that’s imploding, with tax revenues expected to continue to slide because of high unemployment, is reducing the deficit.
The FY2009 budget proposed by President Bush had a deficit of $400 billion.  This is the deficit Obama inherited.  Obama’s FY2010 budget (also Orwellian in title: A New Era in Responsibility) allowed for a deficit in actual spending authorizations (most signed by him) of $1.752 trillion in FY2009 and a projected FY2010 deficit of $1.171 trillion.
That’s right, exploding one’s deficit by 400% in massive new useless entitlement programs and ‘stimulus’ slush funds to bail out public and private sector union buddies, then promising to keep the spending levels current is the new model of fiscal responsibility.  It reminds me of a time-honored trick of teenager music listening strategy.  When my grandma would yell at my dad to turn his music down, he would crank it up by ‘accident’ then quickly turn it back down to the same level, giving an appearance of compliance.
Sorry Obama and the state-run media lackeys, we don’t buy it anymore.  Your lies are manifest.  Your actions have indeed spoken louder than your words.

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