Monday, April 4, 2011

Today’s Example of Environmentalist Wackos Idiocy

Remember, they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions… well in this case, call it good ‘feelings.’  Today’s example of how environmentalist wacko policies are nothing more than a tax on stupid people to make them feel temporarily good about themselves comes from Germany (the land that invented insane, feel-good policies that destroy industry while doing nothing to ‘protect the environment.’).
I think this one calls for a MK-10

So, there I am doing what to most Americans would (or at least, used to) seem a straightforward task:  throwing out the garbage.  Except here, in the wonderful land of Oz, we have to separate our waste into three piles (more if you’re in some even areas that make even AlGore look like Rush Limbaugh), food-trash (read compost), normal trash, and recyclables.  Now here, even normal trash ‘service’ costs about as much as tuition to a public university… and not to mention different things get picked up on different days, unless it’s one of many holidays not even marked on calendars, and then you’re stuck with piles of garbage until the next time (two weeks) the garbage man comes to pick it up again (if he even does dump it, as has happened twice this past six months… unions…) but, I digress.

Anywho, there I am gathering my ‘recyclables’, which is a ‘free’ and ‘unlimited’ provided for by the benevolent do-gooder nanny state of Baden Württemberg (thanks 19% Value Added Tax and other industry stifling taxes!).  And like most environmentalist wacko ‘recycling’ programs, they seek to make as small a ‘carbon footprint’ as possible, hence these official, yellow recycling bags you must use.  I say small ‘footprint’ because the bags are made out of thinner-than-paper-mâché plastic polymer that tear when I look at them cross.  So, after figuring out (in no less than two bags, a huge mess, and thirty seconds into my first foray) that these bags are simply not able to do what they are designed to do, my wife got smart and simply used the thickest version of Hefty bags they stock over here.  After that, I wrap my functional bag in their feeble excuse for a bag and that’s that.

So, the scoreline again:  Environmental wackos:  0.  American Ingenuity:  1.  How much of a carbon footprint did your plants make manufacturing these ridiculous, non-functional bags simply so a lot of chain-smoking, nanny-state socialists, and liberal do-gooders could feel good about themselves.  Of course, I could care less… except it probably costs a great deal of money to manufacture these infernal objects (union labor), and a lot of time (again, union labor), and it costs me time and money to buy REAL BAGS to do the job these stupid devices are supposed to do.

File this one next to ethanol, the low-flow toilet, one-ply toilet paper, the electric car, and the CFL lightbulb.  Except this one thing hasn’t actually killed people… yet (see food riots back during the first ethanol craze).

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