Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Josh's Political Manifesto - The Ideal GOP Primary Candidate Believes...

I believe if a GOP primary candidate would adopt this as their platform in 2012, they would win both the nomination and the election in a landslide.  Some may disagree with minor tenants, but the candidate who stands for these principals would demonstrate courage, certitude, and leadership that would put the rest of the spineless GOP ‘contenders’, not to mention our narcissistic, petulant, Marxist, man-child Obama, to shame.
1.  Economic Policy
                a.  Eliminate Corporate Income Taxes.  Immediately institute a 5-year moratorium of the corporate income tax.  The high standard of living and our corporate income tax puts the U.S. at an extreme disadvantage in international business competitiveness.  And for those who view the income tax as a punishment on the wealthy (yes, you liberals), the corporate income tax does not hurt the wealthy, rather the shareholders and the workers.  Remember, the business owner simply passes on the tax to the customer.  Same thing applies at corporations.  And your 401k and other investments are tied up in corporate stocks.  The elimination of the tax would renew the manufacturing sector economy domestically, as well as bring home billions if not trillions of U.S. dollars U.S. companies have sheltered overseas.
                b.  Push Right-to-Work Laws.  Encourage states to pass right-to-work laws.  States with punishing tax rates and forced unionization have been devastated by companies leaving and shuttering their doors.  Today, rather than protecting workers from abusive, organized almost ‘trade monopolies’, unions simply protect a small minority of ‘tenured’ workers at the expense of the company itself, the possibility of other jobs, and the consumer itself.  The economic un-sustainability of the domestic auto industry is proof of this.
Enacting these two things would immediately spur huge economic growth, AS WELL as virtually erase unemployment as an issue.  The lost tax dollars, though not replenished overnight would eventually be restored by a roaring economy and full employment, which would mean higher personal income tax revenues and an increase in tax remitters.
2.  Social Policy
                a.  Save the Black Family.  Johnson’s “War on Poverty” has left a 50 year trail of misery, increased dependence upon government handouts, slavery to a political party, and three generations of black men behind bars in its wake.  This has disintegrated the black family resulted in the majority of today’s black children being raised in single-mother homes; the absence of black male role models has landed nearly a third of black men in prison.  The welfare system and perpetual self-victimization (encouraged and abetted by the Democrat Party) of black America has destroyed their human spirit, freedom, and opportunity to thrive.  Black culture as popularized by liberal media (movies, TV, music, etc) celebrates everything that keeps black communities and culture from thriving in this land of opportunity.  Only Black America can save the black family; but white America and those in positions of power and responsibility must address these real issues honestly and without fear of reprisal of those who wish to continue to exploit perceived black victimhood.
                b.  Fight abortion at every level.  Legalized abortion is an affront to our society.  If we as a culture and as a nation that still claims to have a belief in the divine, this repugnant practice must be stopped.  Although this fight cannot absolutely define us politically, we also cannot and must not shrink from our goal of abolishing it once and for all.  Human life is sacred.  Human life begins at conception.  Abortion is murder.  And… to save the black family, abortion disproportionately impacts black America.
3.  Domestic Policy
                a.  Immediately repeal Obamacare.  If it hasn’t been declared Unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, or already repealed.  Repeal it immediately.  It is an abomination that the American people did not want and the Democrat party forced down their throats.
                b.  Immigration.  Close our borders immediately and freeze non-family immigration.  Pursue legislation that refines the definition of U.S. citizenship.  Require that children born on U.S. soil have at least one parent who is a legal resident (if not citizen) in order to attain citizenship status.
                c.  Smart Energy Independence.  Rather than pursuing unrealistic ‘green’ energy, lift excessive restrictions on traditional energy production.  Build more nuclear power plants to reduce our dependence upon coal-powered electricity.  Authorizing drilling in ANWR and near-shore drilling where found.  Explore possibility of land-based drilling as well.
                d.  Slash Government Spending.  Gradually cut spending back to 1996 levels.  Everybody loves Bill Clinton.  Why do we need to spend more than he did?  Tie spending as a percentage of GDP to 1996 levels.  Fight for an amendment, not for a balanced budget, but to tie budgets to percentages of GDP.
4.  Foreign Policy
                a.  Afghanistan.  Draw-down in Afghanistan.  Nation-building does not work in a medieval society.  Our blood is not worth a long-term commitment there.
                b.  Military.  Reduce our commitments only to those we truly intend to protect with our military might.  This requires a serious reconsideration of treaties and alliances.  Protect and strengthen our traditional allegiances with Britain and the Commonwealth nations, but do we need to still provide for S. Korea’s security?  Are we willing to go to war over Georgia?  While drawing down our commitments overseas, still maintain a powerful military capable of projecting force at any time to anywhere in the world.

So... Too much?  Discuss amongst yourselves.

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  1. Well, I guess I agree with paragraph 4 and the 2nd sentence of paragraph 3c, but other than that, guess we'll have to agree to disagree.