Thursday, September 1, 2011

We Are Idiocracy

So, I just turned on the TV (Cable) for the first time in over a month to watch something.  Yeah, turns out the TV show wasn't even on.  The idiots at Comcast can't even get their channel guide correct online, let alone their actual programming guide.  Not that it would matter anyway.  I sit here and think about how much absolute crap is on TV now.  What is happening to this country.  I thought it was only a shame that MTV stopped showing music.  I mean hey, there was always VH1 and Behind the Music.  .... oh wait... huh???  They stopped doing this too?  After that the rest of the dominoes fell.  After those hucksters at CBS peddled the first Survivor upon a brain-dead America, we were doomed.  The cable companies could jack up their prices, while the cable stations could lower their costs while providing absolute crap TV.  Now I know why my parents never have cable.  It just isn't worth it.

I thought I could always rely on the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and even the Food Network.  Heh... no such luck.  Reminds me of that oft-quoted fella in Germany in the early 40s.  First they came for the Music Television, but I didn't like NSync, so I said nothing.  Then they came for Diagnosis Murder on CBS, replacing it with Survivor.  But I didn't care for an octogenarian Dick Van Dyke, so I again said nothing.  Now they've come after the History Channel, Discovery, and the Food Network, and there is no one left to say anything.

So thanks America, for tolerating and putting up with Richard Hatch, the 'Real' World, and Celebrity Rehab.  Because in those footsteps, I've been forced to watch Sons of Guns, Dangerous Catch, and Chopped.  Why bother.  No one cares any more.  That's just how they like it.  Good bye land of quality, educational, and inspiring entertaining.  Maybe we'll have to start importing that from China too.

"Brawndo's got Electrolytes!!!"

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