Saturday, February 25, 2012

Islamic Rage is Really Getting Old

So, two more U.S. soldiers have been murdered in the name of Islam and our gutless wonders in the Department of Defense and the White House continue to prostrate themselves before the impotent, back-stabbing Karzai regime in Afghanistan.  Why?  Because U.S. forces disposed of several Korans that were being used as message boards for unlawful communication between detainees.

I’m fed up and sick of this lunacy pretending Islam as practiced in these basket-case countries is a legitimate, peaceful religious practice and nothing more.  Clearly, as demonstrated in just these past ten years, it is not.  It is a violent, completely devoid of toleration, ideology that seeks to place the boot on the neck of every person in the world.  It tramples basic human rights that Western Civilization has sought to recognize and enshrine in statutory rules of law for the past four hundred years.  It is completely incongruent with our way of life.  It should be fought against… not tolerated (at best), and pandered to, which is what happens at every turn in this ridiculous, pointless waste that is going on over there.

This is not a political issue, because Bush was just as big an idiot on these matters as our current regime.  We clearly went wrong in believing we could simply ‘gift’ the idea of democratic government to a people mired in an oppressive political-religious dogma which is fundamentally incompatible with the principals that rule our own way of life.  Once again, this debacle of “nation-building” in Afghanistan is a complete refutation of the idiocy propounded by luminous academic boobs of Woodrow Wilson, John Kennedy, Robert McNamara, David Frum, etc.

Where does this all stem from?  From the idiotic and blatantly false idea of moral equivocation.  To say that all cultures and all ‘religions’ are basically the same and should be treated and tolerated as such is a denial of basic, observable facts.  We are seeing these facts burning down the world every time someone drops an insult on Muhammad.  Some cultures and some religions are morally superior than others.  To deny otherwise is to deny basic, common sense.  Until we realize this and readdress what we are actually fighting against, we will continue to be pushed into a corner until it is too late and it DOES become an all-out religious war.

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