Friday, March 9, 2012

Random Thoughts While on a 2,039-mile Road Trip

So I’m driving from around Tucson, AZ to Savannah, GA.  Since most of Interstate 10 is within 100-miles of the border, the feds in the US Border Patrol have pretty much free reign over its entirety.  Not that that’s entirely a bad thing, it’s just laden with irony.  As I pull up to a particular checkpoint, the Border Patrol agent tells me to stop, says hello, looks at me… looks in my car… and waves me along.  Hmmmm…. What’s the purpose of this stop, and what’s the methodology behind this encounter?  Would it be different if I had my buddy of Mexican origin dressed down and after a very long, dirty hike sitting in the car next to me?  Would he have treated me differently?  Probably.  I’d say he wouldn’t be doing his job correctly if he didn’t determine the legality of my driving partner because that would simply make too much sense.

This is occurring in Arizona mind you… You know, the state that just two years ago passed a law designed to give state law enforcement the ability to check on a person’s legal status upon a probable cause stop for some reason.  The state whose law was under extreme criticism by the left for conducting ‘racial profiling’ and which law explicitly stated racial profiling was NOT being used to conduct said stop.  The state that is being sued by Attorney General Holder (who has stated he will not enforce laws in which white people are victims) for said law.  Anyone else see the irony here?  The Feds are out there conducting LEGAL racial profiling in policing our border while in the same state, the same Federal Government is litigating against a law that gives an extra tool to state law enforcement to police up their own state of the problem the Feds are leaving them with.  It’s ok for me to do it… but not you Governor Brewer.  You just have to pay for it.

Between Tucson and Abilene, TX I did not see a single traffic police vehicle the entirety of I-10 and I-20… a distance of almost 800 miles.  Between Abilene and Texarkana, a distance of 360 miles, I saw probably about 50.  Same thing elsewhere.  Next to no traffic police the rest of the way save Atlanta where they were crawling with them.  Coincidence?  Probably not.  Give me a locality with a bunch of libs spending themselves to oblivion and I’ll show you a police state wherein every form of revenue raising takes place… including taxing motorists for driving what speed they are comfortable with.  There are already laws on the books for dangerous and reckless driving.  The statistics do not lie.  Traffic accidents do NOT rise when speed limits are raised or completely abandoned (as in Montana).  Traffic fines are simply for revenue purposes only.

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