Friday, July 27, 2012

The Pink Mafia and the Chick-fil-A Non-Event

Chick-fil-A Owner Dan Cathy
The recent kerfuffle on Dan Cathy, the owner of Chick-fil-A restaurant chain is simply emblematic of the manufactured non-controversy controversies stewed up by the militant homosexual activists who continue to force their own issues upon a public and upon institutions that overwhelmingly do NOT agree with them.

As I have highlighted previously in this blog.  The Department of Defense was coerced by President Obama (who is the Commander in Chief) through the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff into manufacturing agreement across the military services with repealing of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell law.  The panel that reported its ‘findings’ was nothing more than a kangaroo court who dismissed every valid concern; in no way, shape, or form provided an avenue of the OPINIONS of service members and their families; and presented their cases to those whose feedback the ‘requested’ as a foregone conclusion.  In other words, the results were politically predetermined and the panel was a sham to provide top-cover to the ignorant public to the cowards in the upper echelons of the military.

Also as I have highlighted in this blog, the only way the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was accomplished was through a lame duck session the Saturday night before Christmas, after the Democrats were due to lose control of the House due to similar shenanigans used to pass the health care abomination the last year’s Christmas coal the libs slipped into America’s stocking.

Also, in keeping with the military milieu, just this past month the Department of Defense made an official exception to policy to allow servicemembers to march in a Gay Pride parade in San Diego… in UNIFORM.  The mere fact that they felt they had to issue an exception to policy was tacit acknowledgement that gay servicemembers are well, slightly more special than straight servicemembers… or at least those that espouse liberal political viewpoints and make the most noise.  I will not be holding my breath for my exception to policy letter to appear at a rally in uniform to express my moral and civil rights convictions for the protection of the very lives of unborn Americans… and illegal unborn immigrants for that matter.

Consider the facts.  32 states have had open referendums on legalizing homosexual marriages… to include such bigoted, conservative bastions as California.  Each and every time, these measures have been resoundingly defeated.  The public DOES NOT WANT IT.  The only way gay marriage has been sanctioned is through the actions of militant legislatures through dirty tricks and through activist courts creating law through their highly creative and imaginative interpretations of laws.

And now we have the Chick-fil-A non-event.  The article which ‘sparked’ all this outrage is here.  If you’d note, it no-where says in the article he is anti-gay marriage.  Of course you could infer it from his religious convictions and support for the traditional, Biblically defined family…. But then again, the vast majority of AMERICANS feel the same way… I guess that makes us all extremists and deserving of official boycotts and pauperdom.  If you would notice he DID say:  “We don't claim to be a Christian business … ‘There is no such thing as a Christian business’.”  But now, ironically, even supporters of gay marriage are being hurt by these knee-jerk lunatics of the pink mafia.

This is just another prime example of the militant homosexual activists creating controversy where none exists.  It also shows that if you scream loudly enough, wear enough meat dresses (Lady Gaga), chain yourselves to enough White House fences, and nauseate the rest of us (to include those who desire to keep their private sexual life hidden simply to avoid normal social stigmatism, you can become more equal than others.  It also reflects the sickening moral state of our nation, the complete devolution of the nuclear family, and the hastening of our ultimate demise as a great people.

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