Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Grab Your Popcorn!!! - The Charlie Rangel Ethics Trial

Grab your popcorn!  This is entertainment!  Charlie Rangel’s ethics trial began yesterday in the House of Representatives lame-duck session to close out this ultimate abomination of a Congress.  Rangel, as always, provided jaw-dropping, outrageously comedic statements and antics, made all the sweeter that this may be the final curtain call for this charlatan.
Rangel’s most recent problems revolve around his ‘failure’ to report over $600,000 in personal assets.  How a career politician earns enough money from the tax-payer trough that $600,000 in assets is simply an oversight is insulting enough to hard-working Americans struggling to find work in this economy, but the most disturbing matter is how the current chief counsel, Blake Chisam, described the incident.  “Chisam, who said none of the material facts are in dispute, claimed he did not believe Rangel's conduct was corrupt, but rather ‘overzealous’ and ‘sloppy in his personal finances.’”
Hmmm… sloppy.  Where have I heard that term used before when Democrats have been busted committing crimes?  Sandy Berger, upon STEALING classified documents from the National Archives: “Sloppy.”  Tim Geithner’s tax evasion: “When it comes to bad tax returns, there's sloppy, dumb and criminal, and Geithner's appears merely sloppy, especially since the error was so elementary.”  Joe Biden’s acceptance of illegal campaign contributions:  “Sloppy.”  A freshman Democrat congressman who, when down in the polls, planted a campaign supporter in the race as a “tea-partier” to leech off votes from his Republican challenger:  “Sloppy.”
But, please!  I can't afford an attorney!
<<Mr. Chisam, by the way was appointed to his position to be chief counsel of the committee, directly out of the committee chair’s staff – Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D, CA).>>
Well, with the premise already set (hey, he’s not guilty, just incompetent!), by the ‘prosecutor’ no less, things couldn’t get any better.  Or could they?  Even before the trial started, Rangel argued for a delay claiming that he could not afford legal counsel.  In typical over-the-top fashion, Charlie exclaimed that "50 years of public service is on the line."  Hey!  You are going to ruin me!  Leeching off my consituents and special interests is all I have!!!  He stated he had plenty of people willing to defend him pro bono, but that would be a violation of ethics rules!  Really, Charlie!  Now you care once you got caught?  What a leech!  This is of course, after the allegations surfaced that he illegally used $293,000 from his leadership Political Action Committee to pay personal legal fees stemming from this investigation.  He then stormed out of the committee room in standard grandiose fashion.
House Democrats
So, let me get this straight.  Charlie hides $600,000 of personal assets.  He steals PAC funds to pay for his defense once this is made public.  He then cries about not being able to afford his own attorney.  There is nothing quite as sad and amusing as watching this 80-year old, corrupt, leech of a politician, made fat off of abuse of his office, getting pulled kicking and squealing from the teat of the mama pig, the US taxpayer.  I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, or scream in outrage.
How’s this for the “most ethical Congress ever”?

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