Friday, March 11, 2011

King’s Islamic Terrorism Hearings a Farce

Here’s my take on the idiocy going on in the Islamic terrorism hearings.  First of all, this headline is misleading.  I am completely, unequivocally in Congressman King’s camp on the threat that Islamic terrorism presents to this country.  What I find farcical is that this public spectacle is taking place in 2011.  How many people have been living under rocks for the past thirty years?!?!?  Who is Representative King’s targeted demographic?  Amish country?  Rip VanWinkel?
U.S. Representative Peter King (R, NY)
Something like this would have been useful oh, say, back in 1993 when they tried to knock down the World Trade Center the first time.  Or, maybe, 1998, when they blew up our East African embassies.  Or, try, 2000, when they darn-near sank a warship.  Or, maybe in 2001, when they murdered 3,000 Americans.  But to have this take place in 2011?  What kind of idiocy is this?  Trust me, if Americans do not know the threat that radical Islam represents, then they do not know it out of willful ignorance, apathy, or something a little more nefarious (libs, looking in your general direction now).  This dog and pony show is not going to persuade anybody and it is a continued waste of taxpayer money.
Congressman, how about keep fighting to keep this country safe and keep fighting the liberals who seek to weaken it.  The American people understand the threat of radicalization despite the best efforts of our ruling regime and the stat-run media to ignore it.  Even avowed liberals like Juan Williams get nervous on flights he takes alongside those in “Muslim garb.”  We get it.  We understand.  Get on with taking the ax to the reckless, destructive Obama agenda.

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