Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Real Reason the GOP will not Confront Obama Effectively

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh the other day and in the second half of his opening monologue, he referenced the media-hyped “likeability” of President Obama.  He also alluded to the fact that the Republican Party leadership will be loath to attack Obama for who he is, repeating the same stupid mistakes that McCain did in 2008.  Instead, the conventional wisdom is that the inevitable GOP nominee (sorry, cannot help but be pessimistic when looking at the GOP’s history the past 50 years or so) will tip-toe around real issues and simply concentrate in policy differences.
Here is where this kind of thing is wrong.  People bought the Obama myth (lie) wholesale from the media, while the Hannity’s, Limbaugh’s, Beck’s, and Levin’s of the world loudly proclaimed that Obama was a socialist, with evil intentions on this country as we know it.  They proclaimed he was intent on “fundamentally changing” America, molding it into his vision.  Trouble is, when these same ‘alarmists’ started showing, by deed and word, that this change was radical Marxists, they were shouted down and shunned by the media and the public at large.  Now that Obama has done his best to “fundamentally change” America in the past two years, and the Democrats received the penalty for this overreach in November of 2010, the GOP is loath to bring up the true reasons for this?  This is a horrible miscalculation.  The American people KNOW something stinks in Washington.  They do NOT like what is going on.  If it is simply explained to them with facts, truths, and correct inferences, they will understand.  The facts are that Obama and his administration are Statists.  Call them Marxists, call them Fascists, call them pumpkins.  The fact is, they wish to control you, take your money, determine what you should have, and give money away to those they deem deserve it.
So, this begs the question, “Why?”  I’m sure if Rush had another dollar for every time a caller asked that question of the Republican leadership, he could simply buy an EIB 2, or even Gulfstream itself.  But, I think he neglected to hit on it yesterday.  I know he knows this, but didn’t mention it.  Not that I call him out.  I am not a highly trained broadcast specialist.  :)  The real reason is the GOP leadership STILL (after all these years) takes seriously whatever charge the media throws at them regardless of the ridiculousness of the premise.  And what is this charge?  Of course!  The race charge!  Sorry it took me 400 words to get to my point.
The GOP is still terrified that this lame, boogeyman albatross, the liberals continue to try to hang around the necks of conservatives will once again, find success.  Ten years ago, I may have agreed.  However, in light of current events and how much liberals have dropped their mask in the past two years, I find this reasoning fatally flawed.  The racist card has no impact any more.  It has been overused.  Just as when “Frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn” shocked movie-goers 70 years ago, the racist charge worked wonders for years.  Now that this bogus accusation is thrown at anyone who expresses any difference whatsoever with a liberal who happens to be a preferred minority, it has lost its luster.
If the GOP will not stop this cowardly acceptance of liberal premises, and not stop this childish desire to be liked and respected by the enemies of conservative values, prepare for another John McCain in 2012, and another four years of Marxist rule.

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