Monday, March 14, 2011

What the Accomplices in the Media are NOT Showing You - CONTENT WARNING - GRAPHIC

So, this weekend, Palestinian terrorists broke into an Israeli 'settlement' (translation:  house) and murdered a family of five.  They didn't just murder them.  They 'slaughtered' them.  And yes, this is an accurate statement.  Look up the word slaughter, and think of how 7th century shepherds would dispatch their sheep prior to cooking them.  Get the picture?

Why is this story not in the news?  You don't need me to answer that question, you already know.  It doesn't fit the template.  Israel:  BAD.  Palestinians:  GOOD.

So, in an effort to do the distasteful, but necessary job our news media refuses to do I am reposting the crime scene photos here.

These photos are not for the weak of stomach.  As a soldier, it makes me sick to see.  As a father, I choke down my rage and tears looking at this horror.  But, if you want to know the level of hatred and rage the standard Palestinians have for Israel, look at them.  Then look at the reaction of average Palestinians on the street, celebrating and handing out snacks.

Hat-tip to the good guys at the Jawa Report for this content.  And thanks and prayers to the Fogel family, who released these photos to show the world the truth.

As Blogger mysteriously deleted their jump breaks (I'm this close to dumping them.), please scroll down to see the photos.

Keep going at your own risk...........

Last chance........................

the boy
the dad and his infant
the 3-yr old girl
the 3-yr old again
celebrating in the streets of Gaza
honoring the 'brave' muj

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