Friday, December 17, 2010

Thoughts on the Lame Duck Session

Well, it's been almost two weeks since my last posting.  Apologies all around.  School, work, Christmas, and nasty sicknesses spread by my three and one year old walking petri dishes have seriously impacted my writing, and coherent thinking ability.
So, without further ado, quasi-organized thoughts on the travesty of the lame duck session:
Why is it that every time we send a loud and clear message to the establishment Republicans, they pretend they do not hear us.  Are they seriously this deaf?
Issue the first:  The Tax ‘Cut’ Compromise.  Let’s analyze this.  We get a continuation of the current tax “rates” (they are NOT cuts) for two years.  We get a slightly meaningless 2% cut in payroll withholdings (wait until they take that out of your precious tax ‘refunds’ you silly masses).  They get another year of unemployment welfare (let’s face it, it’s beyond ‘benefits’ when it’s beyond two years).  They also give Obama a chance to pretend this is some great compromise on his behalf, to benevolently attempt to ‘hear’ his subjects and prove to them once and for all that Reagan ‘trickle-down’ economics does not work.
Where is the benefit to us?  I’m sorry, I do not see it.  Businesses are not going to dramatically alter their current plans because the inevitable tax hikes has been put off for two years.  Unemployment is NOT going to go down, in fact it will increase once this goes into effect.  What the GOP should have done is to take the offensive like we the people mandated they do on November 2.  They should have said the Democrats had four years to make this deal, and they waited until the lame duck session.  They should have held out and hung this albatross of tax hikes around the neck of the Democrats.  When are they gonna learn that there is NO compromise with these people.  Their ultimate goal is the destruction of American exceptionalism and capitalism.  Our goal needs to be stopping this.  Not going along to get along.  The game has changed.
Issue the second:  This Omnibus Spending bill?!?!?!?!  The loony lefties in the House and Senate had all year to pass their own budget but knew they would have gotten murdered even worse in the election had they done one.  What’s worse, is all these lame ducks who got voted out are now sticking their finger up at the American people while they toss the match into the accelerant, walking away laughing as the fiscal house, already in a blighted state, goes up in flames.
Issue the third:  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  If anyone would have actually taken the time to ASK the soldiers their personal opinion of its repeal they would have gotten a vastly different picture.  But no, we, the good, dutiful soldiers, when asked how would it affect the military, looked at ways to accomplish the mission, as we could read between the lines that this was a fait-accompli.  We are not stupid.  We understand and can smell social engineering projects a mile away.  We’ve put up with these experiments for over thirty years now.  But, then again, these libs don’t care at all about the defense of this nation, nor do they care about the opinions of the military.  And this ‘panel’ study of the military is simply top-cover for spineless Republicans to weasel out of moral stances.  We should not be surprised at any effort that is made by Democrats to undermine and destroy our military.  They know the military is, apart from the American armed citizen, the ultimate check on their dream of destroying the Constitution.  And, no, this is not a loony conspiracy.  This is simply based upon sound logic and observation.  Remember, liberals ALWAYS lie.  That is all they can do, because if they disclosed their true motives, they would NEVER be in power.
I’m so tired of this.  My country is on the Highway to Hell and the party we patriots have entrusted our last remaining shreds of hope is simply throwing meaningless obstacles that slow down the federal behemoth just barely.  We are approaching the cliff folks, and the GOP is still just trying to be liked, make friends, and get invited to the next cocktail party.

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